With a legacy spanning from the contemporary music industry, through web and TV campaigns into the world of gaming most projects will fit our mould.

Having worked with brands such as -

Disney, Google, Ferrari, Converse, Asus, Volvo and the Swedish Armed Forces

- we guarantee you a first class sound experience for any media. Any story you want to tell, we will make sure it’s heard.

We’d love to manage your total sonic experience from ideation and brain storming to finished master delivery.​ 

Nakatomi is a complete supplier of music and sound, meeting todays broadcasting and recording industry standards. Check out our different Services above. Most of them will have sound for sure.


Bringing life to your audio production through the power of music and sound design.



I'm always up for a coffee, call or (in times like these) a chat through the realms of video.

Lets talk sound and music!

Tel. +46705939437

E-post. patrik@nakatomi.se

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